Toyo Steel

Quality steel made in Japan since 1967. 

What you like,
as you like.

Our classic, authentic toolbox has excellent versatility & craftsmanship, and is originally made for high quality professional use. Our simple yet sophisticated aesthetic design has been highly evaluated by people with great taste. History meets a free & creative modern feeling.

Sustainable choice.

High quality toolbox Made in Japan. Our products are meant to be used for years and years. You can pass them down to your next generation – that’s how our products have been used. By using quality items for a long time, it can contribute to a more sustainable society.

Feel free to use it as you wish.

One of the charms of our products is the amazing versatility. Toyo Steel’s toolbox can be blended in with any lifestyle or scene. From everyday miscellaneous items or for your hobby, it can blend in with your lifestyle.

Our products add a nice atmosphere for your interior.

Our toolbox has a simple yet nice vintage feeling. It creates a nice atmosphere wherever it's placed. Our toolbox keeps evolving with our product development, fitting to a modern lifestyle with new colors and designs.